Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping up?! Time flies!!!

It's been awhile, I'm afraid to admit, that I've been in here to the blog to report in with any new things going on with the site. This has taken far longer getting it off the ground. Life happens, let me tell you!

I have over-committed my time, very apparently! Projects, work, projects, study, projects, family...

It's very simple really. The group is now up, but the Google apps site specifically meant for the Protogrove is still not hooked in. The group, ADF-Druids, has managed to get linked to our listing with ADF Groves. Very good! Now a thanks goes out to either our Protogrove Mentor for doing that, or perhaps noted by my personal study Mentor, or in my own rush and confusion, I've done it and have forgotten that I did. Now that's pretty embarrassing. Nonetheless, someone is looking out for the interest of the EDPG-ADF, so we haven't totally fallen in the cracks.

All that said, while watching a commentor on the news regarding setting up a site, would that be Google? Why yes, it was Google whose administrative executive, responsible for getting it out there so well, gave a quick run down on what gets it (readership/usuage) out there well. Here's basically what she said:
Keep the site as simple and clean as possible, because people honestly rush through sites and rarely remember more than 6 to 8 key headlines if they're surfing. So what do we want? Splash, color, pictures, discussions.
How do we get all that and more? Keep it simple, get the gallery going, brief captioning, header comments on articles with options to read more if the reader is interested.

Other work for those who wish to collaborate or learn or teach, those are for the more intricately involved, should and could be tied in at the right area; the users site that could be linked back to the main area.

Pictures tell a story, people like to see pictures, captions - brief, link to users' areas, discussions, etc.
Essays, short, concise, descriptive, but make the point!

Let resources be on the resource page: bibliographies, glossary, links and recommendations.

So what do we have?
We have a blog, calendar, group, 2 sub-groups type pages, but still no real gallery set up. Well, the gallery is set up, but not loaded! 
These are all primarily set on my personal (test) site for the moment, so let's get going already!

That's it for now! As mentioned, this blog has been set out mainly (for the moment) as a test site, therefore, most entries are pertaining to what's getting done, problems, and direction.

As for the actual Protogrove, people have been asking if we're still doing anything and still a working grove, basically. Now there are several underlying purposes for the fact we are so outwardly quiet. We are busy doing what we have always been doing, holding our routine pattern of rites, meet n' greets and community service, along with our personal path journeys. We are not out touting about it, actually, because things were getting rather too political among some other circles we were around and would rather just get on with our path work, less the distractions and difficulties. Life is good, let's keep it that way.