Thursday, November 20, 2008

Circular Fountain And A video On Life

This is a circular fountain accompanied by a circular video on Life. We discovered this wonderful experience as we hiked to the top of a fine art museum that was in the city of Quebec. The circular fountain was a part of the 'Visionary Garden' that covered the entire side, all the way up steps covering the exterior and upward atop the museum's roof. I will be posting more about this trip soon, to the most beautiful city I've ever seen: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This video is all too short, but the brilliant colors and just the brief moment was all we were able to capture.
You may need to turn down the volume before playing!

The story is about Life as described by two young children who carry on a conversation between themselves and what they hope for when they grow up. The actual video at length tells the story in the French-Canadian language, so the translation was briefly capsuled to me. Thus, as this is a few seconds long, you won't even hear them speak. This video of the circular water fountain as it is sporatically dispersing drips of water into this pool as we look downward upon it and watch the video (a video of a video, as it were) shows many changes of the sky and earth, a beach and shore, boats, and so on, very beautiful and thought-provoking about what is in store for our futures, if living 'green'. This is very much like the experience of a scrying pool, the 'visionary' point is well taken with the Visionary Garden. I've never seen or experienced anything before or after, quite like this.



It's looking like until I figure out why the language conversion's going on in the 'title' line of the blog posts, I'll just tell you with my explorations, there are plenty of options to figure out.

I added the comments option to the blog.

I'll add the 'subscribe to reader' option later, due to the sleep time I'm now lacking.

I have a load of links to things I've looked at and read some on this evening. I'll be posting those on the egroup.


चेक्किंग थिस out

Ok, this is strange, but there are some characters on the title line that aren't mine!

I did some further reading and looking into the graphics.

I'll be looking into the Picassa for the gallery and also Picasa widget for random pictures to be put around on the webpages, if possible.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This test is soon to be over and we will move into the area of working the other site.
For some reason, the subj-line here decided to convert into a foreign language, thus, it's stuck all in one word so I could get it posted.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Testing Photos and slideshows

Testing photos and slideshows.

The option is not available for shockwave and that type of htm- htx somethings..etc, so it was an error and I had to remove it.

I will get out of here and try to embed it somewhere else to check it.

The connecting egroup to this website testsite

Hi, I have tied in a previously mentioned egroup called: ADF-Druids. IT's tied to this test site, but I'm sure we will be able to attach it to the final site at our own protogrove website, the way it's done. I may have to change the ownership properites over to the protogrove's account once it's created, so that I personally do not own the egroup, but the Protogrove own's it.

In the egroup, I've finally figured out that at the top of each page that's created for the egroups subdivided areas, I will need to include the link of the website where we want it to go to. Currently on the 'Other stuff' page I created for the egroup where other topics and announcements outside the testing topic are posted, I did happen to put the druidpolarity website link. I will need to limit that and make the change to reflect the PG website.

I've been holding off starting the google apps section for the PG's website because of the business of my own personal schedule, working in the tests at this set of gadgets, etc., until I have a good feel of how to drive things and less difficulty getting the stuff put together for the PG.

I've also held off, hoping that we would be eligible to submit our application as a PrvG to the Mother Grove, thereby becoming a non-profit and eligible for the free status of the Premium package offered by Google Apps and with that, more options for the Protogrove. That would be a savings of $50 for our grove! Otherwise, during these very difficult economic times, I will need to figure out how to help the PG to come up with that $50 so we can take better advantage of more options for the PG website. We have a little cash stash, but we will be needing to renew our P.O. box very shortly too.

The MSN server is not going to handle 'groups' after February 2009, so now we need to actually rush to remove, copy and save our stuff.

In additon to all the above, I did a little thing of creating something or looking at the 'sites' feature, which I didn't realize was yet another separate feature of the Google Apps; I thought that was what I was actually already doing. I'll report back more on that, as it's been a good week since I've looked at it and need to refresh my memory about the findings and see if there's a lot more to learn regarding those features.

The one thing I really wish to do is to get all of the log-ins tied together so there isn't one after another sign on, sign on, and sign on. There must be a one log on feature somehow and I'll have to either search for it or inquire.

The sites, as I do recall, is the area that allows the website users to create their own site and pages for inclusion of their own personal data, material, etc.

Sites may also be the more extensive area used for 'collaboration' but I'll have to review if this is true.

There is a 'teaching/classes' feature somewhere on here that I spotted while I was already in the middle of another operation at the time, so I'll be on the hunt for that too. Here's being hopeful!

That's it for now. A busy day while we have a PG celebration 5th anniversary, also a birthday to celebrate tonight for one of its' members.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting up to speed with the latest

The latest news I've found to discuss is that our current EDPG-ADF egroup over at MSN will be getting cut no later than February 2009 along with everyone elses' groups there because they're no longer going to service groups. They made a referral to check out "Multiply".

I'll be looking the Multiply groups service over during this week, but what I've seen at-a-glance already is that it's offering what appears to be many of the Google Options, but so far, I haven't seen all of the options. Of course, it's not any time at all in a lot of areas where these things get duplicated.

I'm relieved that I've already been working in this direction of transitioning out of MSN altogether so we can use our entire website for several purposes instead of just a one page explanation, plus the additional obvious added features for it's members and friends who log on to visit our pages of material.

I haven't had time to devote any addtional work to the test site during the past few weeks for further options to learn more about Google Apps. Since my next move was to work on exploring the 'sites' feature, I'll try to see if that is a good tie-in endeavor. The ultimate thing is the collaborative areas and the use of the calendar sharing and any set-ups for online workshops, which would include sharable chats, possible whiteboards, and document sharing along with archiving.

We want to actually keep it neat and simple where and whenever possible.

In addition, let's not forget the gallery and including audio/video features for graphics and sound files.

As for the content on the current 2 egroups of the protogrove's, I'll be copying content out as quickly as possible for any records, docuements, links, photos and so on. We may need and want them.

This is it for now.
Be well,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Continuing Adventures in testing and set-up

It's like cutting a pie, knowing eventually I'll share part of it, eat some of it and knowing exactly how much to begin with is depending on the appetite and co-diners :> We'll get this done.

That said, first, yes, it's been some weeks since I've posted, need I mentioin this time of year gets thoroughly hectic for some and for me much more than more times of the years. It's true, through the major holidays, one right after another --I should emphasize that as the commercial holidays, not meaning our High Days, as they're consistently observed *approximately every 6 weeks throughout the year.

Just to say, I just noticed that the home of our current Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF is on MSN where I've been working toward trying to get us off and onto our own website ---the MSN server has announced to everyone that they are not continuing 'groups' service after February, 2009. I'm happy I've already been working to get the Protogrove's site moved. It's still in the works, however.

I'll be posting more here shortly, I'm having yet another interruption in my posting right now.

Be well,