Monday, November 9, 2009

Google Wave a Great new platform open source too!!

Google Wave: A Complete Guide

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Oak! Happy New Year 1 Nov 2009

Here's our Oak tree getting planted ==FINALLY! It's a happy day for me!
Speedwell, Triple J, and Polarity. We also did a reading from the "Book of Pagan Prayer," lit a fire, burned some incense and did a brief blessing rite. Planting this tree really made me happy --out at the Nemeton no less!

Samhain 2009 with EDPG-ADF ...our last?

Here's a brief version slide show of Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF's Samhain.
I ask, will it be our last?

The ritual couldn't have been better! And as you'll see on the slide show, at the end, closing the ritual, the fire began to dance in many shapes! Oh if only I was a pyromancer!

Keep an eye out, for more posts about this Samhain High Day!
We had 5 attending, that's great!

Speedwell carved these fantastic pumpkins too! I cried when I saw the EDG (aka EDPG) Logo pumpkin!