Monday, December 1, 2008

Recent work following Thanksgiving holiday

To do with the website / egroup / blog / sites / etc work, I've been very busy at work but have finally thrown down and gotten on this again.

I'll try to keep this in list form to a degree to make it a quicker posting and quicker read. (I've worked enough on it for today):
Invited a long time friend who is active and also helpful to assist.
Have tried to fix access for Aige, Nan, and Todd with changing, adding, or rearranging acct stuff.
Looked around at some of the HearthStone (newsletter) options for a working, collaborative 'site' area created for use as a group/EDPG newsletter and work in progress thing.
Have noted a site question that is of interest for the actual website options for our domain, and have posted link about it on the egroup.
I still need to do further investigation on the picassa gallery option for the site too so we can get photos and videos set up somehow.
I'm sure I've a list of other things I've worked on today and last night and night before that, regarding the site, groups, etc., but have need to make for the kitchen right now!
I am making turkey enchiladeas and will also use a picture of the latest progress to the cattery that my 'Other' was working on as I sat on my but at the computer today.
I am thrilled that I have two days off in a row!


Unknown said...

Always nice to have a couple days off, isn't it?


Polarity Phoenix-mane said...

Yes, absolutely!
Thanks for following up on the comments here. Now I know you got in, got access, and could reply. Thank you, thank you! :>

I also just posted something else that helped me see that you posted a comment on another screen. There are so many things to learn on here! geez. (a screen I didn't know about) I learned that if you change the time to the right time, for me, that is, then it will be scheduled to post a few hours from the real time I'm in. Apparently this server is in an earlier time zone, even though I set it for my time zone... hm. okey
Ta till later, I guess I should think about sleep at some point.