Thursday, November 20, 2008

Circular Fountain And A video On Life

This is a circular fountain accompanied by a circular video on Life. We discovered this wonderful experience as we hiked to the top of a fine art museum that was in the city of Quebec. The circular fountain was a part of the 'Visionary Garden' that covered the entire side, all the way up steps covering the exterior and upward atop the museum's roof. I will be posting more about this trip soon, to the most beautiful city I've ever seen: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This video is all too short, but the brilliant colors and just the brief moment was all we were able to capture.
You may need to turn down the volume before playing!

The story is about Life as described by two young children who carry on a conversation between themselves and what they hope for when they grow up. The actual video at length tells the story in the French-Canadian language, so the translation was briefly capsuled to me. Thus, as this is a few seconds long, you won't even hear them speak. This video of the circular water fountain as it is sporatically dispersing drips of water into this pool as we look downward upon it and watch the video (a video of a video, as it were) shows many changes of the sky and earth, a beach and shore, boats, and so on, very beautiful and thought-provoking about what is in store for our futures, if living 'green'. This is very much like the experience of a scrying pool, the 'visionary' point is well taken with the Visionary Garden. I've never seen or experienced anything before or after, quite like this.

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