Friday, November 7, 2008

Continuing Adventures in testing and set-up

It's like cutting a pie, knowing eventually I'll share part of it, eat some of it and knowing exactly how much to begin with is depending on the appetite and co-diners :> We'll get this done.

That said, first, yes, it's been some weeks since I've posted, need I mentioin this time of year gets thoroughly hectic for some and for me much more than more times of the years. It's true, through the major holidays, one right after another --I should emphasize that as the commercial holidays, not meaning our High Days, as they're consistently observed *approximately every 6 weeks throughout the year.

Just to say, I just noticed that the home of our current Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF is on MSN where I've been working toward trying to get us off and onto our own website ---the MSN server has announced to everyone that they are not continuing 'groups' service after February, 2009. I'm happy I've already been working to get the Protogrove's site moved. It's still in the works, however.

I'll be posting more here shortly, I'm having yet another interruption in my posting right now.

Be well,

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