Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting up to speed with the latest

The latest news I've found to discuss is that our current EDPG-ADF egroup over at MSN will be getting cut no later than February 2009 along with everyone elses' groups there because they're no longer going to service groups. They made a referral to check out "Multiply".

I'll be looking the Multiply groups service over during this week, but what I've seen at-a-glance already is that it's offering what appears to be many of the Google Options, but so far, I haven't seen all of the options. Of course, it's not any time at all in a lot of areas where these things get duplicated.

I'm relieved that I've already been working in this direction of transitioning out of MSN altogether so we can use our entire website for several purposes instead of just a one page explanation, plus the additional obvious added features for it's members and friends who log on to visit our pages of material.

I haven't had time to devote any addtional work to the test site during the past few weeks for further options to learn more about Google Apps. Since my next move was to work on exploring the 'sites' feature, I'll try to see if that is a good tie-in endeavor. The ultimate thing is the collaborative areas and the use of the calendar sharing and any set-ups for online workshops, which would include sharable chats, possible whiteboards, and document sharing along with archiving.

We want to actually keep it neat and simple where and whenever possible.

In addition, let's not forget the gallery and including audio/video features for graphics and sound files.

As for the content on the current 2 egroups of the protogrove's, I'll be copying content out as quickly as possible for any records, docuements, links, photos and so on. We may need and want them.

This is it for now.
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