Monday, October 6, 2008

Kind of bummed at lack of moral support, but I won't stop!

Just wanted to make a quick note that I found a response from one of the old-goers on the EDPG study egroup who I'd invited to join in on this project.
The person stated that they basically felt this endeavor was overkill for the effectiveness, or lack of, they view EDPG is having. In other words, the suggestion was to just stick to plain ol' email for the fact that there is nothing going on in the Protogrove.

I remain solid where I stand. I am finding the snap-in utilities are at worst, super simple and the webpage is WELL WORTH giving it a shot to build a website that should have been ages ago. I make no excuses, but an online presence is an essential one these days, in the information age.

There are several people who, while remaining at a distance, continue to observe our actions as an ADF Protogrove, even while there are those folks who would wish to attack my continued efforts.

Later I will give a brief opinion about what I think of 'people who run with the herd'.

To this point, I have gotten 3 log-ins, 3 responses, and one of those log-ins just looked didn't respond; therefore, a total of 4. One is willing to be at the user-end, another logged in but said nothing whatsoever, another logged in, then bowed out, stating he didn't have time, another wrote, stating he didn't have time right now.


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