Sunday, October 5, 2008

More about the Protogrove

Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF: A Druid Fellowship, is a small group of folk whose Mother Grove is known as ADF: A Druid Fellowship (like I just said), in Gaelic: Ár nDraíocht Féin.

To cut all this short, you can go to and refer to the link for the msn egroup where we currently have a full blown explanation as to what we have been and are currently doing. Or better, you may go to to find out more of the overview of our paths in the Neo-Druid way.

For now, the point of the work involved at hand is for the Protogrove's need for a better website with fuller content and utilities for its' members, and potential interested persons.

The Protogrove has been around since 2004. We once had the beginnings of a fairly nice website, but the member in charge of that endeavor suddenly left the Protogrove and ADF. We've continued to hold on to our domain but have only maintained a modest one page on there along with the MSN egroups (general public: edpg egroup; and members only: edpg study egroup).

This online experience has been choppy, at best, with two separate egroups, open and private, and a single webpage. The MSN sites have been limiting and often difficult to either access or just plain not much fun other than the straight writing. The presentation has looked and been very dull for the most part.
The photo galleries are ok, but then the upload capacity filled up quickly, creating a need for me and a few to make more than one account in order to continue to upload photos.

The graphics is limiting in the present situation.
Adding videos and audios, slide show presentations, and powerpoints, is something the Google Apps, the Blogs and other utilities found on the Google areas are looking pretty good for.

The problem is figuring out how to work all this together as seamlessly as possible.

In the utilities, I'm finding it's necessary to log on to separate utilities in various areas.
As I become more familiar with how all this works and as I weave the website together, hopefully it will be discovered how there will be one log on and off area, and how to set up a user-friendly base for others to become a part of the the website's community.

Nothing turns me off more than to be visiting a website and find I hit a dead end because I have to 'create an account' in order to go any further.

Another note:
on the blog profile, it told me to separate items I listed with commas. While I understood, I just wrote it the way I so chose. After I viewed it, it was apparent I was being cataloged into a data base, so I'm happy with my option to write fuller sentences, with extremely long desriptions and no commas. Let them slice and dice all that!

I sure wish folks from the EDPG study egroup would all get logged on so we can begin tinkering with these utilities and programs. Half are some what checking it out, not sure how many will end up being on board with this project yet.

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