Monday, October 6, 2008

No Go so far on the Calendar

I've been trying to fix the calendar to show it for public access. I found at least one option that I could show a limited area of the calendar, then I couldn't get one of the little HTML/Java gadgets to work for me like it did on this blog, note the log on / subscribe to the ADF-Druid google groups (egroup). I picked up that gadget in the free utilities section last night, but when I tried to get it to work on the web page for the calendar, it just didn't want to go.

I'll have to figure it out later. I've been working steady on all of this all day to look for little areas that would work well.

I received some discouraging words, but have the nerve to keep going even in the variables of isolation.

I am hopeful that by the time I complete the test area, we may well have enough data and knowledge to set up a clean-looking and great collaborative site for the Protogrove.

At the risk of jumping out there, we will need the collaboration soon, very soon, as working on the By-laws should be the next steps for the Protogrove.

Looking forward to hearing from those of you who have time and care.

Be well,

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