Saturday, October 18, 2008

New findings for building EDPG website

I've continued plugging along, trying to figure out where things seem to go wrong. It's good I love spaghetti, because I'm in a tangle with somewhat of a spaghetti effect.

First off, it would help if I have a good block of time while also actually rested, when people in my life won't get perterbed at me for spending all my time on the computer.

That said, everytime I have to push back from this work to get this 'simple' snap-in type website pulled together, I have to re-figure out seemingly simple tasks.

Here are a couple of things I've found on re-entering the website.

First off, the handful of people I wished would help out to test and collaborate don't seem to have the time or inclination, except one, perhaps two (a ghost viewer who logged on). That's just for now. I'm sure that will change if we can get the 'work' part off the ground and get the fun stuff rolling.

The work part is the part that only I can do from this end anyway.
The fun stuff would be working together on some projects, but all the gadgets and things hooked up to manipulate with for the collaborators networking with me to get projects done.

Next, as I got back on, I discovered that I guess I've hidden the egroup from us, or I just don't know where to find it.
It was a bit confusing trying to figure out if the egroup and the email are basically one in the same, however, I know I set up a colorful template for it and played with it for a long while the other day.

The additional facet of discovery I've made is referring to this interest website:
building a mobil site (video - long, 45 min)
Site building tips, hints, and helps, plus added info, eg., listings, contents, etc.

So, the latter of the two, traffic and tips, etc. is the one I'd like to first focus on, with regard to content.
It does warn against just using links to make references unless you are also adding in your own unique content as well.
Traffic isn't a huge emphasis to me for this test site, but the tips are good to know with regard to quality of content, etc., which is important at the end production.

The mobile hook-up is very ambitious, but realistic, which would be much later and possible a good project to work on for the members together. Why? Truth is, there are people out there who utilize online strictly via their phones, so why not?
I know of one person right now, who stays in contact with me via the phone and contacting my email address. Yes, he's pagan and it's a worthy cause.

One good thing about the mobile connection would be how it streamlines, keeping sites very simple for loading purposes of the entry-level type phones.
We'll talk about all of that later, but there are some excellent articles and videos on google via youtube to refer to about all of these things.

For the Nine Virtues pages, I've done the very thing the article about traffic recommends 'against'. Seeing as I do have an actual work in progress on that standpoint that is in rough draft, I intend on etching it out on that 9 virtues page which is actually my own work and hopefully a UNIQUE idea or perspective of some type. At least I haven't seen it written out anywhere else.

The links about those subjects are some reference points for the reader of that page and material who may be new to the approach inasfaras searching for their spiritual path, or who is an entry-level Dedicant in the DP of the ADF: A Druid Fellowship.

As all personal websites do have similarities, mine will include the DP work as well, and it is a sampled area for the site.

More later on updates and additions to the test site for EDPG!

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